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Why Does Magnetic Compass Appear Self Heterodyne?

A magnetic compass, also known as a "magnetic compass," is an instrument used to determine the direction of a ship or aircraft, mainly used to determine the course and observe the direction of the object. The ancient Sinan and compass are the originator of it. Its working principle is to make use of the magnet will be subject to geomagnetic action and stable pointing north of the characteristics of the direction of the instrument.

The structure of magnetic compass is simple. It consists of several parallel magnetic needles, dials and magnetic error correction devices. The magnetic needles are fixed on the back of the dial. Under the action of geomagnetism, the two ends of the magnetic needle point to the north and south poles of the geomagnetism, and the dial is to convert the general direction to the precise degree. The magnetic error correction device is used to correct the deviation of magnetic compass. Because most modern shipping ships are large steel ships of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of tons, and most of the machinery and equipment are made of iron and steel materials, this will lead to strong ship magnetism, which will affect the magnetic compass self-deviation, such a large self-deviation will lead to the magnetic compass pointing error will be up to tens of degrees, if the magnetic error correction device is not used. A slight correction in line correction will jeopardize the safety of the ship. The yacht magnetic compass produced by Ruian Shunfeng Navigation Instrument Co., Ltd. is equipped with accurate magnetic error correction device, which can accurately indicate the direction. Welcome new and old customers to consult.

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