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What Is The Solution To The Unclear Reading Of The Magnetic Compass?

In the safety inspection of bulk cargo ships, the reflection of the main magnetic compass before the steering position of the cab often shows that the scale is ambiguous and recorded as a defect, especially on old bulk carriers.

     The author also encountered this situation on a 19a ship bulk carrier. Previously, it applied for shore-based repairs many times. After each repairman's inspection, the readings of the main magnetic compass's reflective scale were clearly blurred for a few days. The second officer of the ship spends a lot of time on the maintenance and cleaning of the magnetic compass before the ship arrives at the port, ensuring the clarity of the readings of the main magnetic compass during the ship's arrival. However, after several cleanings, the effect is getting worse and worse, and the main magnetic compass reflex scale becomes completely blurred.

magnetic compass.jpg

CX-65A dinghy magnetic compass

     In accordance with past experience and on-site observations, the author asked the second pair to pour half a cup of alcohol on the glass of the magnetic compass display system for 24 hours, then use a sponge to dry the alcohol on the glass surface, then the main magnetic compass The reflectance readings were as clear as new, until the author left the office without finding any abnormalities.