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What Is The Classification Of The Yacht Magnetic Compass?

According to whether there is liquid in the basin of the yacht, there are two types of liquid compass and dry compass. The compass of the liquid compass is suspended in a liquid filled with liquid

In the basin, due to the damping effect of the liquid, the stability of the compass is better when the ship is rocking. In addition, due to the buoyancy of the liquid, it can reduce Luo

The disc supports the friction between the pin and the bearing, thus increasing the sensitivity of the bowl. The company's products are liquid compass.

According to the purpose of the yacht magnetic compass, there are mainly standard compasses, steering compasses. The standard compass is generally vertical and is mounted on the top deck of the cab.

(the compass deck). Because of its high position, no shading, and small impact from ship magnetism, it is used to observe the heading and determine the object orientation and correct the steering compass.

Therefore, it is called the standard compass.

The steering compass is generally a table top and is installed in the cab for observation of course and steering. The company produces various types of standard compass and steering compass


According to the diameter of the disk surface of the yacht magnetic compass, commonly used are 190mm, 165mm, 130mm, 100mm.