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What Is An Azimuth Compass?

An azimuth compass is a compass that displays direction or bearing markings in terms of azimuth angles rather than any other form of bearing notation. There are two principal systems used to display direction markings on the face of a compass: quadrant bearings and azimuth bearings. Both systems provide exactly the same directional information but in a different format. People who have used a compass have most likely used an azimuth compass.

The quadrant bearings system marks both the North and South positions as zero degrees. Direction is then measured in degrees using both North and South as the base reference points. For example, starting at North and moving clockwise 35° results in a quadrant bearing N35°E. Alternatively, starting at East and moving counterclockwise 55° results in the same bearing N35°E. In this system, North or South will always be the first notation in the bearing.

The most widely used compass markings are those of the azimuth bearings system. In this system, the only position marked as zero is North. Moving clockwise, degrees are added through the full 360° of a complete circle. In this system, East is marked as 90°, South as 180°, and West as 270°.