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Use Of The Inclinometer.

The main purpose of the inclinometer is to measure the borehole deviation, magnetic azimuth, tool face and other data of the bottom hole measurement point in the drilling process, and can also be used for the measurement of the deviation and magnetic azimuth of a certain well track.

Application range of inclinometer: measurement of hole trajectory in oil, coal, water conservancy and other industries during drilling.

Notes for the inclinometer:

The probe is the core of the instrument and is not allowed to be disassembled.

The probe shall be placed in a special instrument case.

Pay attention to protect the thread without damage. After each removal, apply the thread and screw the protective cap.

In use or storage, waterproof and moisture-proof.

If the probe is to be stored for a long time, please remove the battery tube and store it in a dry place.

No impact.