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Track Projection

Equipment for track projection. The main compass, meter, automatic rudder and track recorder, and so on. ① Compass: The instrument to determine the heading and the azimuth of observing objects. General ships are equipped with gyro compass and magnetic compass two kinds, the former precise and convenient, the latter simple and reliable, each other. Compass and nautical charts with the most important navigational tools, on the chart painted routes, ships rely on compass direction, along the route to the destination. ② log: Measuring the speed, the cumulative voyage of the instrument. It and compass with the track projection of the basic instrument, in the nautical charts is based on the log readings on the route to take the distance of navigation. ③ Automatic Steering Gear: Can control the rudder machine (see rudder equipment) to maintain the course of equipment, also known as automatic steering gear. At present, the use of more electromechanical automatic steering instrument, according to the sea and ship loading conditions by the artificial adjustment of the rudder angle, rudder angle and the rudder angle. In the 1970 of the 20th century, the adaptive automatic steering instrument, which can automatically adjust the various rudder angles according to the objective situation, makes the course more stable and the economical benefit is better. ④ Track Recorder: can automatically carry on the track projection operation instrument, abbreviation track instrument. It works according to the input of the compass and the meter (or the engine speed) information. In addition, there are nautical charts such as stiff twin compasses, parallel ruler, etc. calculating tools such as calculating ruler, nautical calculator, etc.