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The Working Principle Of Electronic Magnetic Compass In Horizontal Platform Attitude Measuring Unit

Horizontal platform attitude measurement unit is the key component of three-axis moving medium-pass antenna. Its characteristic is that the sensor installation plane of the horizontal platform attitude measurement unit is parallel to the horizontal plane of the earth by presetting the angle between the sensor installation plane and the antenna axis. . The two-dimensional electronic magnetic compass is the key component of the attitude measurement unit of the horizontal platform. Its function is to provide azimuth parameters to guide the antenna azimuth to the theoretical azimuth of the satellite during the acquisition of the satellite by the antenna. Advantages of projecting magnetic compass compared with other magnetic compass

The working principle of electronic magnetic compass in horizontal platform attitude measuring unit

The electronic magnetic compass determines the azimuth through the sensitive earth magnetic field vector. Where the ferromagnetic material exists, the distribution of the earth magnetic field vector will change, and the magnitude and direction will also change. These changes lead to a large deviation in the azimuth of the output of the electronic magnetic compass, which affects the accuracy of the antenna alignment to the satellite.

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