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The Vertical Gyroscope Is Used To Monitor The Deviation Of Ship Deviation In Real Time.

Vertical gyro by measuring the angular velocity of the earth and the comprehensive application of gravity matrix, help every moment of the monitoring navigation of the ship's attitude, in the case of without relying on the earth's magnetic field, can good navigation of ship. Let the sailors of the ship know the situation of their ship and make accurate judgment. Experienced sailors are more likely to spot potential crises.

1. Definition of vertical gyroscope

The vertical gyro is a high performance solid state gyro applied to UAV control, avionics and platform stability. High reliability inertial subsystem provides attitude measurement, static precision and dynamic precision are higher than traditional vertical gyro. The basic function of the vertical gyroscope is sensitive angular displacement and angular velocity. In aviation, navigation, aerospace, weapons and other fields, there are very extensive and important applications.

In aviation, the gyroscope is used to measure the attitude Angle (pitch Angle, roll Angle, heading Angle) and angular velocity of the aircraft, becoming an important instrument for flying. Flight control system and automatic stabilisers, such as autopilot is measured on the basis of these parameters, to realize the automatic control of the aircraft or stable, and gyroscope is an important part of a flight control system.

2. Principle and algorithm of vertical gyroscope.

The vertical gyroscope feature is a high performance sensor, including a microsilicon storage accelerometer and a low noise, improved drift stability gyroscope. The gyroscope USES the latest optical fiber rate gyro technology, which greatly improves the performance, reliability and time-out stability of the system. The vertical gyroscope integrates the angular rate sensor to calculate its roll and pitch, and the adaptive vertical setting algorithm is used to compensate the errors caused by gyro drift.

The characteristics of vertical gyroscope and kalman filter are very important. First, the composition and working principle of the strapdown inertial navigation system.

3. The development prospect of vertical gyroscope.

The development of vertical sensor with high precision is inseparable from our increasingly sophisticated technology. On the one hand, the modern industrial level improves, the vertical gyroscope can have better raw materials and production technology; On the other hand, intelligent heat, to provide better algorithm, optimize its precision compensation, make it more and more accurate. The vertical gyroscope will take a step forward in navigation.