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The Top Ten News Of China's Shipbuilding Industry.

After the official careful screening, the "jiangnan cup" 2016 China's top ten news selection results of China's shipbuilding industry came out.

This newspaper in 2016 China's shipbuilding industry to comb, major news on the basis of the importance of news and news event itself, news filtered, industry influence, and ask for the ministry of industry and information technology, China shipbuilding industry association and other parties, selected 2016 annual "China shipbuilding industry top ten news" (in chronological order). This contest is sponsored by jiangnan shipbuilding (group) co., LTD.

1. The ministry of industry and information technology publishes the action plan for the improvement of ship's supporting industries (2016-2020)

Released on March 4, the ministry of industry and information technology ability to form a complete set of the shipping industry promotion action plan (2016 ~ 2020) ", aims to promote Marine equipment supporting ability and level in our country as soon as possible, to better meet the needs of shipping and shipbuilding, support the construction of shipbuilding powers. "Action plan" put forward, by 2020, basic built relatively perfect Marine equipment research and development, design, manufacture and service system, the key Marine equipment design and manufacturing ability to reach the world advanced level, a comprehensive grasp of ship power, deck machinery, accommodations, guide with the core technology of intelligent systems and equipment, the main products spectrum is perfect, with strong international competitiveness of brand products.

2. Central enterprises jointly create the world's largest VLOC.

Merchant ships on March 23, 10 400000 deadweight tons of very large ore carriers (VLOC) project launch, China merchants energy transport co., LTD. (China merchants ships) respectively and Shanghai waigaoqiao shipbuilding co., LTD., Qingdao beihai shipbuilding industry co., LTD. And China merchants heavy industry (jiangsu) co., LTD. Signed the construction contract in which the group of the world's largest transport ships. March 31, China ocean shipping group co., LTD., its China ore transport group, Shanghai waigaoqiao shipbuilding co., LTD., China shipbuilding trading company signed 10 400000 - ton VLOC construction contract.

3. The shipping industry three "China index" release.

On April 22, China's shipbuilding industry economy and market research center released the first industry index of China's shipbuilding industry, "China shipbuilding industry sentiment index" and "new shipbuilding price China index". The two index by China ship industry economic and market research center, after decades of research accumulated compilation, science reflects the Chinese shipping industry profiles and order situation, can run on the core indicators for early warning, have great reference value, is helpful to promote the sustained and healthy development of China's shipbuilding industry. On December 7, the China shipbuilding industry association officially launched the China shipbuilding capacity utilization monitoring index (CCI) at the 2016 guangzhou maritime exhibition. China's shipbuilding capacity utilization monitoring index is a composite index reflecting the utilization degree of China's shipbuilding capacity and forecasting the future trend.

4. The 3000-ton frigate of China's xinrui export warship has been successfully delivered.

On July 12, the 300,000-ton military-trade frigate project no.3, designed and built by China shipbuilding industry corporation, was formally delivered by China shipbuilding (group) co., LTD. At this point, all three ships of the project were successfully delivered and the project construction was successfully completed. The frigate is China's latest export maximum tonnage of new surface warfare ships, created our export surface ships with the most advanced equipment and fire the most fierce and strongest comprehensive operational performance of the new record, reflecting the ship-borne weapons in China in more than 20 years electronic system has reached the international advanced level. In the development of ship building, China state shipbuilding corporation, 7 a. eight institute for ship design task, of hudong zhonghua, built by China state shipbuilding system engineering research institute to provide ship combat command system.

The world's largest three gorges ship lift is put into trial operation.

On the afternoon of September 18, the three gorges ship lift officially entered the pilot stage. The three gorges lift ship built by wuhan Marine machinery co., LTD., which is owned by China shipbuilding industry group co., LTD., is the world's largest ship lifter with the highest technical and construction difficulty coefficient. The three gorges ship lift is called "ship lift". With the three gorges ship lift, the ship can complete the vertical rise or fall of nearly 40 stories in about 10 minutes.

6. China shipping group signed a letter of intent for the construction of 2+2 large luxury cruise ships.

On September 23, China state shipbuilding corporation with cic overseas direct investment co., LTD., the carnival, Italy Finn candy group, the Chinese cruise technology development co., LTD., Shanghai waigaoqiao shipbuilding co., LTD. Signed a 2 + 2 133500 gross tons of large luxury cruise to build a letter of intent. According to the letter of intent, the Chinese group joint investment overseas and carnival cruise ship owners operations of the joint venture joint venture will be to the Chinese group with candy, a joint venture of the cruise ship building the joint venture company orders, order the 2 large luxury cruise. At the same time, the cruise ship owners' joint venture also has the option of two other luxury cruise orders.

China's first polar research icebreaker has been contracted to build.

On November 30, jiangnan shipbuilding (group) co., LTD signed a new polar science research icebreaker construction contract with China polar research center. The ship was formally started on December 20 and is scheduled to be delivered in 2019. New polar research icebreaker by Finland, North Pole technology co., LTD. Is responsible for the basic design institute of China state shipbuilding corporation seventh result is responsible for the detailed design, is China's first domestically produced polar scientific research icebreaker, will be equipped with international advanced polar ocean comprehensive scientific survey equipment, after put into use, with "snow dragon" of polar exploration fleet, greatly improve the comprehensive ability in the polar sea area.

The four shipping companies won the China industry awards.

On December 11, the fourth China industrial awards was held at the great hall of the people in Beijing. Of China state shipbuilding corporation, hudong zhonghua shipbuilding (group) co., LTD., enterprises in China's industrial award prize, China shipbuilding industry corporation, dalian shipbuilding industry group co., LTD., the carrier of engineering project in China's industrial award prize, type of Shanghai waigaoqiao shipbuilding co., LTD., JU2000E jack-up drilling platform project in China's industrial award nomination, bohai shipyard group co., LTD. Of bohai sea ship heavy industry co., LTD in China's industrial award nomination.

9. Cosco shipping group integrated its shipbuilding business to establish cosco shipping industry.

On December 16, cosco shipping group announced the integration of its shipbuilding business and established cosco shipping industry co., LTD. Cosco shipping equipment manufacturing sector including cosco shipbuilding industry company, cosco shipping engineering group co., LTD. And China shipping industry co., LTD., has 13 large shipyards and more than 20 supporting enterprises.

10. The English version of "China shipbuilding quality standard" and "Chinese ship repairing quality standard" is published in English.

On December 28, the English version of "China's shipbuilding quality standard" and "quality standard of Chinese ship repairing" was published in Beijing. This is the first time from the national standard level of shipbuilding and ship repairing work put forward the quality requirements of system, realizing a complete coverage of the field, will be "hard constraints" of China's shipbuilding quality, can promote our country shipbuilding quality control and overall improve management level, is the ship industry to carry out the "made in China 2025" the equipment manufacturing industry standardization and quality improvement plan of the important technical support. Implement the national standards for the first time in English version release, effectively increase the supply of the shipping industry national standard issuing, effective communication can help the Chinese and foreign experts, helping the foreign experts to understand, trust and use Chinese standard.