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The Main Structure And Characteristics Of The Non - Magnetic Rotary Table.

The non-magnetic rotary table is a special measuring equipment designed and manufactured for the requirements of the development, production and use of the calibration, debugging and testing of oil fields, mines and inertias. All the turntables are made of non-magnetic or non-magnetic materials, and the three axes can be adjusted and digital display. It has the characteristics of high precision and high reliability.

Non-magnetic turntable is mainly composed of machine body, the base for the adjustable horizontal cylindrical base, base on the leg with the leveling screw components, base with course top axis rotation mesa, heading rotating table engraved with scale, course rotating table have a vertical navigation to turn the mesa of the installation of two columns; Installed in two pillar top have a pitch box, pitch installation box along the installation frame with two intersecting lines of the post as the axis of rotation, the parallel axis and heading rotation mesa, pitch dial turns the pitch installation box; Installed in the pitch frame roll are installed in the box, roll installation box along the installation box and pitch installation box intersecting lines as the axis of rotation, roll axis and longitudinal axis installation box installation box in the same plane, roll roll installation box rotates on the dials.

It has the advantages of simple structure, easy to carry, small size, low cost, convenient operation, good test quality and high efficiency.