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The Function Of The Rudder Angle Indicator.

The rudder angle indicator is an essential equipment for ships of various sizes that sail on the sea. Its function is to transmit the position information of the rudder angle in the navigation of the ship to

Driving the steering position. This digital rudder angle indicator (single or three sides) has high indication accuracy, no working noise, and intuitive indication (

The light-emitting digital tube directly displays the angle of the rudder angle, the indicator light indicates the corresponding angle range and the direction of the rudder angle), the volume is small, the weight is light, the superiority is high, etc.

Advantages, it can also be combined with the remote computer to collect and process the rudder angle information (digital quantity) through its RS-485 interface, and can be equipped with multiple repetitions.

Indicator (requires junction box).

    Three-sided rudder angle receiver, wall-mounted receiver and embedded receiver can be used individually or in combination (required when multiple receivers are selected)

Junction box). The transmitter is mounted in the rudder nacelle, the connecting rod is mechanically connected to the steering gear, and the rudder angle receiver is installed in an easy-to-view position.

It is connected to the rudder angle transmitter via a cable. When the rudder blade is rotated by the steering gear, it is converted into a voltage signal by the transmitter through mechanical transmission.

The digital display of the rudder angle receiver also changes accordingly. Welcome to buy the rudder angle indicator produced by the company.