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The Composition Of The Yacht Magnetic Compass Self-difference Semi-automatic Calibration Device.

The yacht magnetic compass self-difference semi-automatic calibration device has the characteristics of fast and effective, and it mainly consists of two parts: the magnetic field sensor and the control box. Next, I will introduce you to these two parts separately.

    1. Magnetic field sensor: Its main function is to directly sense the synthetic magnetic field of 3 compass, geomagnetism and ship magnet, and input the simulation information of the synthetic magnetic field to the control box. The sensor is installed on the upper glass plate of the compass.

    2. Control box: Its main function is to convert the simulated information of the received synthetic magnetic field into a specific device, and the CPU calculates the corresponding self-coefficient coefficient according to the corresponding mathematical model, and displays the position and basis of the magnetic bar required to correct the self-contrast. The size of the self-difference is placed in the number of soft iron pieces. After measuring the residual self-difference, calculate and print the remaining self-difference every 5 degrees. After inputting the geomagnetic difference, the system can be expanded to have the function of calculating and displaying the true heading of the ship.

     The convenience of the yacht magnetic compass self-difference semi-automatic calibration device:

     1. It greatly simplifies the calibration steps, and only needs to turn back to the left and right for one week.

     2, shorten the calibration time, less than half an hour can end the work of measuring the self-deviation.

     3, save time and fuel.

     4. It is more valuable that there is no need to lay artificially superimposed labels for correcting the self-difference on the shore, or to select a natural falling yard, which not only reduces the fatigue of the mariners, but also improves the accuracy of the calibration and enhances the yacht's magnetic compass. The credibility of the difference table.