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The Advantages Of Projection Magnetic Compass Compared To Other Magnetic Compasses

The projection magnetic compass, also known as the projection magnetic compass, can be used to observe the orientation of the ship through projection. The projection magnetic compass is suitable for indicating the orientation direction on various ships. The characteristics of the projection magnetic compass are that it can be used as a standard magnetic compass, and can also be used as a steering magnetic compass. The height of the lens barrel can be adjusted arbitrarily, and can also be rotated left and right. The system for projecting magnetic compasses consists of a projection magnetic compass and a tilting device. Mounting the projection magnetic compass can be installed correctly according to the attached instructions. When installing, you need to pay attention to the correct connection of the power supply. If the power supply is reversed, the fuse will be blown. After the blow is completed, the fuse needs to be replaced again. When the projection magnetic compass is not used, the power of the dispenser needs to be turned off. The plug of the dispenser is push-pull. When the plug is pulled, the plug cannot be rotated.

     Every time you sail, you need to carefully check the projection magnetic compass and then record it in the logbook. Why do you need to detect and record the log? This is to ensure the normal use of the magnetic compass, and each recording is very useful for calculating the magnetic difference and self-difference.