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Strengthening Method Of The Aft Peak Tank.

Stern frame spacing of the tip hold no greater than 600 mm, each rib setting raised floor, floor of the single paddle boats should stretch to enough height above the stern shaft tube, the propeller and stern shaft bracket, rudder horn of the floor should be stretched to the tank top and thickening. When the side is transverse frame type, the floor above the floor shall be provided with a strong chest beam with no more than 2.5m and a longitudinal or open platform. The midline of the aft peak should be set in the longitudinal swing bulkhead. When the overhanging body is very large, it is better to have a swinging bulkhead on the left and right sides of the middle line. In the aft peak, there is a gap in the center of the keel, or with a number of horizontal reinforcement bars to strengthen the ribbed plate. To strengthen the deck cabin above the aft peak of the aft peak tank shall be set against the side longitudinal girder or increase. Outer plate thickness, and should be set not greater than 4 rib spacing of strong ribs.

1. Strengthening in the aft peak tank.

The strengthening measures for the aft peak cabin are as follows:

The solid floor is set at each rib, and its thickness is 1.5mm thick.

For a single propeller vessel, the floor shall be raised to a sufficient height above the stern tube.

When the side of the side is transverse frame type, the vertical spacing of the upper floor is not greater than 2.5m, and the longitudinal girder or open hole platform is not greater than 2.5m. When the longitudinal frame type is used, a suitable number of strong beams shall be set at the top of the cabin.

The bulkhead is arranged in the longitudinal section of the aft peak and stern protrusions or the tail of the cruiser.

2. The side of the aft peak tank is strengthened.

The reinforcement measures for the side structure of the aft peak tank are:

The ribs are stiffened.

In addition, the abdominal plate and the ribs with the high discontinuous side longitudinal analysis or the thickened side board.

To expand the rear deck area, install the steering gear, protect the car leaves and rudder, and improve the navigation performance, overhanging back at the end of the stern design is interested in this part, according to tail highlight body, most of the above waterline.