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Radar And APPA

Radar is a kind of instrument used to transmit and receive electromagnetic wave detecting object, its function distance is far, display intuitive, easy to use, not affected by the night, now has been widely used in navigation, aviation, meteorological observation, military, aerospace and other fields. Radar is a kind of indispensable navigation equipment for ships, the radar is composed of timers, transmitters, antennas, transceiver switches, receivers and monitors. The method of radar positioning is: distance positioning, azimuth positioning, azimuth and distance positioning. IMO has a clear stipulation on the number and performance of radars that ships must install, and the driver must undergo radar training and obtain a certificate of competency.

The automatic lightning-compliant plotter (automatic radar plotting Aid,ARPA) is based on the radar, the application of computer technology and signal processing technology to obtain new features. It can manually or automatically capture the target, capture (or call admission) after the automatic tracking, and in the form of vector line on the display screen to display the target ship's heading and speed; set by the operator to meet the nearest distance (DCPA) and arrive at the nearest time (TCPA) the allowable boundaries (or call the alarm boundaries) when the target recently, when the distance and arrive at the nearest distance is less than the time set allowable boundaries, will automatically in various ways (visual or acoustic) alarm, Remind drivers to take avoidance measures, if necessary, can also carry out pilot boats (pilot and (or) trial speed change) to determine the need to take the avoidance measures; You can also display the location, distance, course, speed, DCPA and TCPA of the selected target.