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Principle And Characteristics Of Magnetic Compass

Magnetic compass is a kind of pointing instrument which can point to the magnetic north (south) pole of the earth under the action of geomagnetic force. As an important navigational instrument, the magnetic compass has a long history in the installation of marine vessels. At present, although modern ships have been equipped with advanced navigation instruments such as gyroscope (gyroscope), GPS and so on, but because of the modern magnetic compass has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable performance and independent of external conditions, it is still used as a necessary navigation instrument by marine ships. The International Maritime Organization (IMO), classification societies and ship inspection agencies in various countries have clearly stipulated that marine ships should be equipped with magnetic compass, and should correctly correct the self-deviation and have a self-deviation table.

1 Classification of magnetic compass

A. according to whether there are liquid in the compass, there are two kinds of liquid compass and dry compass. The compass of a liquid compass is suspended in a compass basin filled with liquid. Due to the damping effect of the liquid, the stability of the compass is better when the ship is rocking. In addition, due to the buoyancy of the liquid, the friction between the compass support pin and the bearing can be reduced, thus improving the sensitivity of the compass basin. Our products are all liquid compass.

B .according to the use of magnetic compass, there are standard compass, steering compass. The standard compass is usually vertical, mounted on the top deck of the cab (compass deck). It is called standard compass because of its high position, no shelter and little influence by ship magnetism. It is used to observe the course, determine the orientation of objects and correct the steering compass.

The steering compass is generally desktop mounted in the driver's cab to observe the course and steering. Our company produces all kinds of standard compass and steering compass.

C .according to the compass disc diameter, commonly used 190mm, 165mm, 130mm, 100mm.

2 magnetic compass deviation and correction

The magnetization of steel ships by the geomagnetic field will produce ship magnetism, which will affect the direction accuracy of magnetic compass, that is, the so-called "deviation". This deviation can be corrected and corrected by the compass master. The magnetic compass produced by our company is equipped with an efficient self correcting device.

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