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Nautical Instruments

① Track projection instrument. For track projections. including compass, meter, automatic steering gear and track recorder. Compass is an instrument for determining the heading and azimuth of observing objects. There are usually two kinds of gyro compass and magnetic compass, the former is precise and convenient, the latter is simple and reliable. After the route is drawn on the nautical chart, the ship is sailing on the compass. The distance of navigation is measured on the course of nautical charts, which is used for measuring speed and accumulated voyage. Automatic steering gear is used as automatic control steering gear to keep heading. The track recorder is used as an automatic track projection operation on nautical charts. Other conventional instruments, such as stiff twin compasses, calculators, etc. ¢ Ú landmark positioning instrument. For coastal navigation ships for land-marking positioning, the main bearings have azimuth and other azimuth measuring instruments; measuring distance instrument for measurement of the distance used for measuring the horizontal angle of the object standard, such as the angle measuring instrument, such as six spectrometer, the sounding instrument, such as the marine echo sounding instrument. ③ Astronomical positioning instrument. Mainly in the sight of the landmark, to observe the positioning of celestial bodies, including six meters, astronomical clocks, planetary instrument, Suo Xingka, astronomical calculator and other instruments. One six of the spectrometer and astronomical clocks are traditional positioning instruments. ④ Radio positioning instrument. It is the instrument of ship using radio technology, including General direction Finder, Kang Suoer azimuth System, Roland, Taiwan Card, Omega, Meridian Instrument navigation and other hyperbolic system. In addition, the marine equipment used in marine navigation and routine hydrology, meteorological measurements and other instruments and meters.