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Marine Echo Detector

echo sounding instrument is a kind of marine acoustic navigation apparatus for measuring water depth, and it plays an important role in the course of ship navigation and the safe navigation of ships. The use of echo sounding apparatus is: in exceptional cases, the position can be identified by measuring the depth of water, and can be used for navigation in the opening of new or shallow waters, to ensure the safety of navigation, and to provide accurate and reliable water depth information in the area of waterway and port measurements. Therefore, the echo sounding instrument is an indispensable navigation device for ships.

echo Sounder is made of the physical properties of acoustic waves propagating in water. As we all know, in seawater media, the propagation performance of acoustic waves is not replaced by electromagnetic waves and light waves. Using acoustic wave propagation velocity in water is basically constant, it can calculate the depth by measuring the time interval reflected by the acoustic waves from the sea floor to the reception. As early as 1490, the Italian da Vinci proposed using the sound method to detect distant vessels, but until 1925 the echo sounding instrument came out, lasted 450 years. Prior to this, ships have been using a mechanical method such as rods and ropes to measure the depth of water. The emergence of ECHO sounding instrument brings the gospel to the maritime field. Because the echo sounding instrument has many advantages such as accurate measurement depth, fast measuring speed and continuous work, it has become an instrument widely used by ships for underwater surveying.