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Magnetic Compass For Ships

Magnetic Compass For Ships

Magnetic compass is made by using the principle of needle North, it is simple structure, no power, easy to damage, is one of the necessary vessels. Magnetic needle refers to the North is geomagnetic and the direction of the magnetic force of the ship, called Compass North, called Luo bei.

Because the magnetic needle is pointing to Luo North, instead of pointing to the real north, there is a magnetic compass deviation. Magnetic compass Deviation is made up of two parts of the error (deviation) caused by the geomagnetic Arctic and the geographic Arctic (magnetic Difference) and the magnetic magnetization of the hull and the influence of electromagnetic field of electrical equipment to the geomagnetic north. The self-difference is based on the periodic measurement of the ship "magnetic compass deviation Table" or "magnetic compass deviation curve". The magnetic difference is different from the ship's position on the Earth, and can be obtained by marking the magnetic difference data on the Thourot of the sea.

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