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Magnetic Compass

According to compass principle made to indicate the orientation of the instrument, also known as magnetic compass. The utility model is mainly composed of a plurality of magnetic pins, dials and magnetic error correction devices arranged in parallel, and the magnetic needle is fixed on the back of the dial. Under the influence of geomagnetism, the magnetic needle dial rotates to indicate the direction. Often in ships and aircraft for navigation purposes. In the 13th century, the maritime industry developed and gradually adopted magnetic compass navigation, and had a "pin" record, indicating that the shipping line should take the direction. Early aircraft equipped with a magnetic compass, but due to the aircraft components and electrical equipment formed by the magnetic field interference is very large, the compensation method must be used to offset the aircraft's own magnetic field interference.

There are two basic types of aviation magnetic compass.

① direct reading type: the advantage is simple and reliable, but because of the magnetic interference in the larger cockpit, so the error is larger.

② read-style: the magnetic compass into a magnetic heading sensor, installed in the cockpit, the detected magnetic heading information sent to the cockpit dashboard remote display, the advantage of magnetic sensors can be installed on the machine magnet Interfere with smaller locations. Magnetic compass in non-uniform aircraft for flight or turning, will have a greater error, it is not suitable for use in areas with high magnetic anomalies and magnetic, so the modern aircraft on the far-read magnetic compass has been more complete performance gyro magnetic compass Or heading system replaced.

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