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What Is The Composition And Effect Of The Compass Liquid? Brief Introduction Of The Causes And Elimination Methods Of Bubbles Produced By Magnetic Compass

1. Composition, more than 45% of alcohol and distilled water 55% of the role of mixed liquid to reduce the compass axis and the relationship between the friction between the axle, the role of vibration generated bubble There are two main reasons:

1). Because the basin is not water, liquid leakage, the air into the basin;

2). Due to the floating room due to the escape of gas, this time the compass will tilt.

2. Method: Find out the cause of the bubble and eliminate it; Prepare the liquid in line with the original liquid composition; pour the hole into the hole, unscrew the screw, pour the prepared liquid into the basin Inside, and then tighten the screws, the compass basin flat, gently swing basin, to see whether there is still bubbles in the basin. If there is still bubbles can repeat this step until the bubble completely eliminated; clear the basin basin and the compass cabinet on the liquid, cover the compass cabinet cover, set a canvas cover; clean up the work site

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