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Look At The Various Applications Of The Electronic Compass In Modern Society.

The electronic compass may seem distant, but it's actually around us, permeating every aspect of our lives. The electronic compass is widely used, and it can't be separated from space, aviation or navigation.

So what does it have to do with us in our lives?

Mobile navigation

What we are most familiar with is the mobile navigation, with the mobile phone, the map following your direction, this is the electronic compass.

Vehicle navigation

Many of the current vehicle navigation devices incorporate GPS and electronic compasses. In particular, the owner of cross-country activities is required to choose the navigator or multi-function electronic compass with the electronic compass. Because GPS navigation is blocked in some complex terrain areas, it cannot meet the normal navigation function, and the electronic compass has the characteristics of not needing to receive signals, which can assist navigation.

And multi-functional electronic compass, this compass integrating GPS atmospheric pressure altimeter and magnetic compass, can in the high mountains under the special environment such as timely reflect the subtle changes of pressure and height, but also can show direction in the blocking state. It is convenient for users to travel in the outdoors without the need of the complicated items such as compass, Angle gauge and altimeter.

Parking detection

There are lots of roadside parking and smart parking lots, which use geomagnetic methods to check if there is a car. The magnetic field is relatively stable when there is no car or parking space. When a car is driven to a parking space and left, the magnetic field changes.

The geomagnetic detector is buried in the parking space, and the detection result is reported to the nearby repeater by RF, and the final information is summarized into the parking space management system. The core of the system, of course, is the magnetic detection section. The electronic compass sensor basically determines the reliability of the test.

Uav navigation and positioning.

As an important component of uav products, electronic compass carries the function of guiding the absolute orientation of uav. In uavs, the electronic compass provides information about critical inertial navigation and directional positioning systems.

Robot navigation and positioning.

Today, robots are no stranger to robots, toy robot, family service robot, medical service robot, ordering robot and so on. Electronic compass plays an important role in robot navigation and auxiliary positioning.

The general robot USES accelerometer and gyroscope to describe the complete motion state of the equipment. However, with the long time movement, the accumulated deviation can not be accurately described, such as the tilt of the control screen. Electronic compass through measuring the earth's magnetic field, the modification of the absolute function is compensated, can effectively solve the cumulative deviation, thus the movement direction of the correction equipment, posture Angle, strength and speed, etc.