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Line Electric Positioning Instrument.

Instruments for the use of radio technology in ships. At present, there are two - curve systems, such as direction finder, consol, etc., and loran, decca, omega, meridian navigation, etc. They each have their own advantages and disadvantages, which can be used in conjunction with each other, but they cannot be replaced by each other. The ideal positioning system is still to be developed. It requires global, all-weather, self-contained, passive, fully reliable and high precision. The omega and meridian navigation systems, once known as the two great achievements of navigation technology since the 1960s, are only part of the above. The new U.S. satellite navigation system, which will be formally launched in the late 1980s, is called GPS global positioning system. It can be continuously positioned, the precision is higher than the meridian navigation system, and it is a new technical achievement to the ideal positioning system.

In addition, Marine instruments include meteorological and hydrological observatories, such as gas pressure gauges, dry and wet thermometers, anemometers, etc.