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Landmark Positioning

An instrument for the positioning of ships on coastal navigation. Four classes with azimuth, distance measurement, angle measurement and bathymetric. ① measuring azimuth instrument: the main azimuth circle, is set in the compass or compass multiplexer, observation of the object or celestial azimuth instrument. The main part is an instrument consisting of a gate and an awarded rack. The azimuth has a 0 ° ~360 ° Scale for the measuring angle. A telescope on the azimuth is easy to measure. Some ships have mute compass, used to observe the standard compass line of sight blocked object orientation. The dumb compass is simple in structure, without referring to the northern part, and then the direction of the course is observed. ② Measuring distance instruments: The marine measurement of the distance of the optical instrument, there is a baseline and elevation type two categories. The former is based on the baseline length of the rangefinder, and the latter is the distance according to the height of the object. Using a six-meter or a telescope with a dense ruler scale can also be measured in terms of the height of the elevation, thereby seeking the distance of objects. Radar (see nautical radar) is an instrument that can be measured in azimuth and distance. It can be observed in the case of poor visibility and night, and is a high positioning accuracy instrument. The accuracy of radar measuring distance is higher than that of measuring azimuth. ③ Measuring angle instrument: the main six cent meter. The two horizontal angles of 3 objects were measured by six spectrometer, and then the three Rod Locator (also known as three pole indexing meter) consisting of a circular dial and three rulers, was positioned on the chart by the value of the angle of the income level. There is a three-pole locator with a set of reflectors that can be positioned on nautical charts after the direct observation of the horizontal angle of the six spectrometer. ④ measuring depth instrument: Usually the marine sounding equipment has the hand mound and the echo sounding instrument. In the contour shape the suitable waters can be used to measure the depth. The development of the use of the terrain positioning of the technology, is the depth of the bathymetric equipment measured continuously data by the computer processing, and then the known ocean floor topography to compare positioning.