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Installation And Routine Maintenance Of Magnetic Compass

Installation of magnetic compass

A magnetic compass should be installed as far as possible on the longitudinal midline of the ship. The first line of the compass cabinet should coincide (or parallel) with the longitudinal midline of the ship.

The minimum distance between the B standard magnetic compass and any ferromagnetic material is 1 meters.

routine maintenance of magnetic compass

A. normally the magnetic compass should be covered with a compass cap (the standard compass should be covered with Luo Jingtao).

B. keeps the liquid in the basin clear and transparent and eliminates bubbles.

C. keeps the roller shaft, the Changping ring shaft is lubricated, and the rotation is flexible.

D. periodically checks the half cycle sensitivity of the compass, and restores the fluid when necessary.

E. No magnetic object should be placed near compass. It should not keep the compass in high temperature and vibration environment for a long time.

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