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How To Overcome The Inclination Compass?

How to overcome the inclination compass?

The magnetic poles and the geographic north and south poles do not coincide, the free hanging needle refers to the direction and the geographical North and south direction (true longitude) there is a deviation angle, namely the declination (also known as magnetic difference). In the specially designed navigation map, there are magnetic difference correction quantities. The true course of the aircraft is obtained by summing the magnetic heading readings with the magnetic difference algebra. The magnetic field intensity vector and the horizontal plane angle is called magnetic inclination. The inclination is not equal, the greater the closer to the pole inclination. At high latitudes the horizontal component of the geomagnetic field is very weak, it is very small directional effect on the level of magnetic suspension. Therefore, the magnetic compass cannot be applied in the earth's polar regions.

In aircraft magnetic compass, a permanent magnet hanging on the floating ball, a pendulum structure, which can maintain the level bar. The floating ball is supported on the base of the jewel bowl with the shaft tip and suspended in the floating liquid (ethanol, light kerosene or other compass oil) to reduce the friction with the supporting part. With the magnet and float together with a range of scale ring. The heading indicating the heading of the nose relative to the azimuth scale ring is the heading of the aircraft. When the volume of liquid change when the environment temperature changes, the expansion chamber will be compensated. The interference effect of formed steel components and electrical equipment on the plane of the magnetic field of the magnet will be stable in the synthesis of magnetic component and the horizontal component of the magnetic field of the geomagnetic horizontal plane (Compass meridian orientation). The deviation between the north and north of the compass angle is called deviation. The deviation of the same aircraft in different directions is unequal. In order to correctly measure the magnetic course of an aircraft, a compass corrector is mounted on the outer compass of the magnetic compass to produce an artificial compensating magnetic field which can be adjusted arbitrarily so as to weaken or counteract the interference of the magnetic field of the aircraft. Magnetic compass should be installed in the machine, magnetic interference is weak position.

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