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How To Detect The Sensitivity Of The Compass Of The Yacht Magnetic Compass?

The prerequisite for the sensitivity check is that the ship is fixed at the docking ship, or the ship is docked at the dock, and the machinery on the ship or the shore does not work.

     Method for detecting the sensitivity of a yacht magnetic compass:

     1. Accurately record the heading indicated by the baseline of the compass;

     2. Use a small magnet or iron to deflect the compass from the original equilibrium position to the left by 2°-3°;

     3. Remove the small magnet or iron and observe whether the compass returns to the original heading;

     4. Repeat the above steps to the right.

     The error of the compass returned to the original heading of the test shall not exceed 0.2°. If the sensitivity of the compass does not meet the requirements, find the cause and repair and replace it in time.

     The reason why the sensitivity is checked is to detect the friction between the pin and the shaft cap. When the friction is large, the accuracy of the compass is directly affected.