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Gyro Magnetic Compass

Heading instrument combined with magnetic compass by heading gyro and magnetic compass.

         Correction between the two, can improve the aircraft's magnetic heading measurement of static and dynamic accuracy. The heading gyroscope can provide azimuth reference for large circular course. The short-term stability is good. When the aircraft turns or hovers, it can accurately indicate the change of the heading angle, and the use area is not limited. However, it can not follow the direction of magnetic meridian automatically and has the error of azimuth drift. Therefore, it can not accurately indicate the aircraft's magnetic heading when the aircraft is flying for a long time. The magnetic compass can track the magnetic meridian automatically, but the magnetic needle hanging during the maneuver flight will produce wobbling, causing the indication error, and can not be used in high latitudes and magnetic anomalies. These two instruments combine to complement each other's weaknesses and effectively improve accuracy. The gyroscopic magnetic compass developed on the basis of the heading system, the performance is more perfect. It takes the heading gyroscope as the basic measuring element, measures and memorizes the great circle heading, corrects the information output by the heading gyroscope with the geomagnetic or astronaut heading sensor to obtain the magnetic heading or true heading.

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