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Fiber Optic Gyroscope - The Leader Of Modern Navigation.

Now the position of fiber optic gyro in the field of inertial technology has been established and gradually developed into one of the mainstream instruments of inertial navigation. China has also listed it as one of the key technologies in the field of inertial technology. In engineering applications, the fiber optic gyroscope is mainly used for tactical missile guidance, spacecraft attitude adjustment, satellite positioning and precision spacecraft.

The principle of gyroscope is that when the object is rotating at high speed, the angular momentum is very large, and the axis of rotation will always be stable pointing to the nature of one direction, and the directional instrument is produced. The traditional inertial gyroscope mainly refers to the mechanical gyroscope, the mechanical gyroscope has a high demand for the process structure, the structure is complex, and its precision is restricted by many aspects. Since the 1970s, the development of modern gyroscopes has entered a new phase. Vali puts forward the basic ideas of modern optical fiber gyroscope, such as in the eighty s, the development of modern optical fiber gyroscope was received very quickly, because the fiber optic gyroscope has compact structure, high sensitivity, reliable operation and so on merits, so the fiber optic gyroscope in many areas has been completely replace the traditional mechanical gyroscope, become the key components of modern navigation instruments.

Based on fiber optic gyro angular rate dynamic environment, you can see that need to be the death of fiber optic gyroscope area, random walk, misalignment Angle, zero, scale factor, especially the small angular rate of the parameters are measured carefully. Fiber optic gyroscope in harsh environment and strong vibration dynamic pressure in the environment output drift is one of the main error, need to be carefully designed and ground testing, to take effective measures to eliminate the error. In addition, when the structure size and power consumption have sufficient redundancy, the selection of temperature control scheme can simplify the modeling difficulty and processing algorithm and reduce the difficulty of product calibration. On the basis of this, it can effectively eliminate the noise and electromagnetic environment error and improve the comprehensive performance of the inertial measurement combination by adding the absorbing material and magnetic shielding material to the gyroscope and the combination body.

The characteristics of fiber optic gyroscope are based on the principle of optical interference, which has the whole solid state structure, which has the characteristics of light small, high precision, fast start, wide bandwidth and stable long-term performance. In the application process, the structure is stable and resistant to impact; High sensitivity and resolution; Dynamic range is extremely wide; Long life, stable and reliable signal.

The development of fiber-optic gyro is changing rapidly. Many big companies are joining research and development in anticipation of their market prospects. Since the application of the fiber optic gyro is ideal in the mobile carrier and military field, the military of all countries has invested enormous resources and energy.