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Exploration Angle Displacement Sensor Is Widely Used In Industrial Field.

Angular displacement sensor, as a measurement sensor, is an indispensable sensor in the industrial field. With the reform and opening up, China's socialist modernization construction has been developing continuously, and the development of measurement and control technology has become more and more demanding for measuring instruments. Therefore, the Angle displacement sensor is more and more widely used in the industrial field.

Why the Angle displacement sensor?

The Angle displacement sensor is to determine the position of the object by using the Angle change. When we refer to the Angle displacement sensor, we have to introduce the displacement sensor first. Displacement is the amount of data in the movement of the motion of an object, so the displacement sensor is used to measure the change in the displacement. Angle displacement sensor is a kind of displacement sensor classification according to the movement way, the use of Angle displacement sensor control wheels can indirectly find obstacles, in order to avoid further obstacles among motion process, simple to use and very effective.

How does the angular displacement sensor work?

With the non-contact design, the Angle displacement sensor will convert the measurement of Angle to the measurement of other physical quantity, with good long-term reliability. The Angle displacement sensor can be divided into rheostatic Angle displacement sensor, capacitive Angle displacement sensor and magnetoresistance Angle displacement sensor.

The rheostatic Angle displacement sensor is the measurement of the change of Angle measurement to the change of resistance. The capacitance Angle displacement sensor is the measurement of the change of the Angle to the capacitance, and it is realized by measuring the change of area. The magnetoresistance Angle displacement sensor is the measurement of the change of the Angle change to the change of the induced electromotive force.

The wide market prospect of Angle displacement sensor.

Angular displacement sensor plays an important role in many aspects of industry. For example, the Angle displacement sensor used by the crane and the crane on the tower crane can not be applied in the vigorous environment, but only for the environment without acceleration, which is a static application. In addition, in the aerospace field, you can use a kind of infrared ray Angle displacement sensor, through the visible or infrared radiation to the environment of three-dimensional comparison, to obtain the attitude of the vehicle relative to the sun, a further analysis of object location information. In addition, the Angle displacement sensor can be seen in automobile, construction machinery, woodworking machinery, construction engineering monitoring and other fields.

Angle displacement sensor as an object by measuring the variation of the Angle to obtain location information of sensor, in the automotive, aerospace, engineering monitoring, and other important areas, has a very broad market prospects. With the development of the measurement and control technology, the precision of the Angle displacement sensor will be further optimized and improved, which will play a bigger and better role in the industrial field.