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Deep Analytical Magnetic Sensor And Its Wide Application.

The magnetic sensor has the basic characteristics of non-contact measurement, high reliability, ruggedness, and high measurement sensitivity. The magnetic field can penetrate many non-metallic materials and trigger the exchange process without touching the target object directly. By using magnetic conductors (such as iron), the magnetic field can be transmitted to a distant distance, and the signal can be transmitted from a higher temperature area. People place the magnetic field, current, stress and strain, temperature, light, etc can cause sensitive element magnetic changes into electrical signals, in this way devices called magnetic sensor to detect the corresponding physical quantities. They are not only used to detect the magnitude and direction of the magnetic field, but also combine with the permanent magnet, which is used for non-contact detection of various non-magnetic quantities such as position, speed, Angle, temperature and current.

Automobile industry application

Car is mainly used in the speed, Angle, Angle, distance, close to, position detection and parameters, such as navigation and positioning applications, such as the speed measurement, pedal location, gearbox, motor rotation, steering torque, crankshaft position and Angle measurement, electronic navigation, detection, parking location, airbags and anti-lock defect detection of solar panels, seat memory, improve navigation system the course of the resolution. In saving energy and reducing consumption, especially in the manufacturers face pressure to reduce a little carbon emissions or other contaminants, one of the focuses of this field is the motor, the motor is from the existence of friction "clock" pulley system to electric motors, which can control as needed. The application of magnetic sensors enables the motor to be controlled or commuted more accurately.

Medical applications

Magnetic sensor in the field of medical application, although the scale than the industrial sector, but it can in various occasions assisted patient care and monitoring in a variety of ways: an ambulance, hospital and home care, etc. Whether in the process of operation, the intensive care unit, or in terms of family care, provides an effective way to control the movement, air flow, detection of blood pressure, and use to save lives, or improve the quality of life. It is mainly used in the control of motor control in the medical equipment of the transducer, such as the application of ventilator, infusion, insulin and kidney dialysis machine.

Consumer electronics

With the popularity of consumer electronics in the world, the application of magnetic sensors in consumer electronics is also very strong. For example, mobile phones, laptop computers, electronic compasses and so on have a very wide application. MEMS sensors and magnetic sensors promote each other in applications, which contributes to the gradual growth of magnetic sensors in the consumer electronics market. Although the magnetic resistance sensor development already very long, technology is relatively mature, but only as a single application of the electronic compass, in not previously been very bullish, but now the combination of it and MEMS, will become a bright spot in the navigation market. Because MEMS and magnetoresistance sensors complement each other, their combination makes navigation products more precise. If the gyroscopes, accelerometers and magnetic sensors are integrated together, the three functions complement each other and form a more powerful inertial navigation product.

Aerospace defense industry

Sensors with high sensitivity and low magnetic fields can be used in aeronautics, space and satellite communications. As we all know, with the development of absorbing technology in military industry, military objects can be covered by a layer of absorbing material and hidden, but they no matter how will produce magnetic field, so by the GMR magnetic field sensors can find hidden objects. The GMR magnetic sensor can be used on satellites to detect objects on the earth's surface and the distribution of minerals underneath. The electronic compass has been instrumental in the high performance navigation equipment of weapons/missile navigation, navigation and aviation.

Industrial application

In other industrial applications, magnetic sensors can be used for the continuous power supply and welding systems of machines such as computer servers. The hall effect IC is used in a small encapsulation of open loop and closed-loop hall sensor in high current applications such as large variable frequency motor. You can also improve integration by including a dedicated integrated circuit in the encapsulation. Hall IC is also used in industrial washing machine inverter control applications. In addition to the current sensor, independence hall effect IC or magnetic resistance sensor switch also has a certain market scale and the rectifier device used in motor, in order to reduce the ripple and improve performance, or used for position measurement, etc.

The development trend of magnetic sensor.

High sensitivity

Temperature stability


Multi-functionalization, integration and intelligence.

High frequency feature

Low power consumption