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Debugging And Overhaul Method Of Rudder Angle Indicator

AC rudder angle indicator is two synchro, the rudder device is installed in the steering gear room with flood, do mechanical connection and rudder stock, rudder angle receiver installed in the cab, receiver motor with a pointer, when the flood is with the rudder when the receiver rotates, indicating the angle of rudder.

The deviation of rudder angle indicator is needed to be debugged again. The adjustment method is introduced in previous articles, and it is not detailed in detail here. Today we mainly analyze the troubleshooting method for the problem of the rudder angle indicator.

1, the rudder angle indicator does not rotate: check the power and insurance.

2 beats, the rudder angle indicator rotates: check the rudder angle indicator gear if the gap is too large, and the transmitter is connected line is bad contact phenomenon (the need to pay particular attention to the sender for motor attachment, steering gear room shock is relatively large, prone to broken line lead to bad contact).

3, the rudder angle indicator does not rotate at a certain angle: This is caused by the phase failure of the typical rudder angle indicator stator winding, and the transceiver wiring part and the insurance need to be checked.