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Classification And Inspection Methods Of Marine Magnetic Compass

Classification of marine magnetic compass

1. According to the purpose and location of installation:

1) standard Compass: open top deck, small ship magnetic field, good view.

Dial and base line with refraction system or projection device.

Reflected in the bridge for steering purposes.

2) the steering Compass: the steering wheel is straight ahead, and the steering is used.

3) emergency Compass: supply rudder before stern emergency (Tai Ping) rudder.

4) boat Compass: lifeboats, small, oil lamps, oil reserves for 10 hours.

2. According to compass diameter,

There are 190 mm, 165 mm and 130 mm three species.

3. Classification according to whether there is liquid: 1) liquid compass; 2) dry compass.

Two. Sensitivity test of compass for marine magnetic compass. The inspection methods are as follows:

1. Condition: the ship is fixed on the wharf, the ship shore machinery is not working and has little deviation.

2, accurately track the heading value;

3. Use small magnets or irons to shift the compass to the left (right) side and then shift 20-30.

4. After the balance is restored, the difference between heading reading and original heading should be less than 0.20.

5, do the same examination in the right (left) direction.

Classification and inspection methods of marine magnetic compass

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