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Boat Ride Meter

The ship's trick instrument is a kind of navigation instrument used to determine the ship's voyage speed and the cumulative voyage. Precisely measuring the speed and voyage of ships, the ship's driving is very important, in the navigation and positioning of ships, as long as a gyro compass or magnetic compass to provide ship course and log on the voyage, can be calculated ship's position. Modern navigation systems and equipment, such as real motion radars, ARPA and automatic Integrated Navigator, need to enter the ship's speed information to work. In large or oversized ships, the dock is also required to provide the longitudinal and lateral velocities of the relative pier to ensure that the vessel is securely moored. Therefore, the meter is one of the important navigational instruments that modern ships must not be indispensable.

The ship's Yongji instrument can be divided into two categories: relative log and absolute meter. At present, the merchant ships equipped with the log is mainly relative to the meter, the main types are: rotary meter, water pressure gauge and electromagnetic meter and other three kinds; absolute log currently has a Doppler meter, acoustic correlation log and GPS (Global Positioning System) and other instruments.