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Boat Compass How To Choose

1.Magnet needle to be straight: the needle can not bend deformation, both ends of the balance, pointing accurately, rotating sensitive, and can stabilize the pointer within 1 minute, such as prolonged flutter is not ideal.

2. Tianchi at the bottom of the red line north: that is, at both ends of the Tianchi Sea line must point to the north-south center of the disc (the site is positive needle midday). Strictly speaking, the northern end of the seafloor line should point to the boundary of the fourteenth needle and the fainter of the needle, while the southern end should point to the second needle of the needle for twenty-eight places, and can be corrected with the Tianxin ten-line. On this point, the geomancy Wang Ji in the "Southern Poetic Poetry," a book is very clear: between the virtual crisis needle Road, the southern Zhang Su on the three times, from the awkward position, the difference is not a single decision spirit. Because in the structure, the inner disk and Tianchi are two separate parts, Tianchi is inlaid in the center of the disk, if the process is not refined or installed negligently will cause the submarine line and midday midday deviation, so be very careful choice.

3. Tian Xin ten lines at right angles: a hole in the middle four holes leads to the two connections through the center of Tianchi should be perpendicular to each other in the cross,

That is, the angle between the two lines is 90 degrees. If you want to verify whether it is vertical, you can turn the inner disk so that a line coincides with positive needle meridian, such as vertical, then the other line must be positive in the needle needle unitary.

4. The inner disk rotation to be flexible: This refers to the imaginary between the inner and outer disk is small; the combination between the inner and outer disks are more closely, but no block sense, rotation feel better.

5. Internal disk Fonts neat, clear: the disk content is correct, sub-fine. There are copper plate, wooden plate and paper plate surface points, the best of both before.

6. Outer disk will be parallelogram: Outer disk to face straight angle, modern production of medium-sized compass in the outer disk has a level, the use of more convenient.

7. Materials suitable for: Compass made of natural wood materials, such as camphor, teak, etc .; synthetic wood, such as bakelite, plywood, etc .; there

Bakelite, plastic plates and so on. Made of natural wood and bakelite materials such as smooth compass plane, not easily deformed, but the quality of electric wood compass heavier. Synthetic wooden compass cheap, but easy to deform.

8. Color suitable: the color of the surface of the disk are two kinds of gold and black, the font is gold, yellow, the metal surface of the font has two convex and concave. Gold plate fonts clear, but strong light reflections, more suitable for those with poor eyesight, inadequate lighting and light use. Light reflection of the black plate is weak, suitable for good eyesight or light when used.

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