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Astronomical Positioning

Mainly in the case of the land mark, observing celestial positioning instruments, including six meters, astronomical clock, planetary instrument, Suo Xingka, Pseudophakic higher aberrations difference detector and astronomical calculator. Six spectrometer, astronomical clock is the traditional positioning instrument, although now has the radio positioning equipment, but because of their simple structure, the use of reliable and good concealment, is still one of the main navigational instruments. ① Six spectrometer: mainly used to observe the height of celestial position of hand-held optical instruments. The ordinary six spectrometer utilizes the water antenna as the observation datum. There are also use bubble level to provide artificially flat bubble six spectrometer and the simple gyroscope to provide artificially flat gyro six-meter, they can also observe the height of the celestial body when the water antenna is unclear, but the accuracy of the navigation is not enough to meet the requirements of positioning accuracy. In addition, the use of light enhancement devices will night gray water antenna to brighten the night vision six-meter, can receive the radiation of the radio waves of celestial bodies and the employing platform automatic observation of Celestial heights of radio six meters, they have to be improved and improved. Astro Clock: Is the precise time gauge to indicate the world. To observe the altitude of celestial bodies, the precise moments should be recorded so that the coordinates of celestial bodies are found in the navigation astronomy. Planetary Instrument: The celestial sphere model used to identify stars or select objects suitable for observation. The planets are painted with common stars, and they can be temporarily labeled on days, months, and planets. ④ Suo Xingka: According to different latitude the star projection on the plane of a set of cards, use of the planetary instrument. ⑤ Pseudophakic Higher aberrations difference tester: is the instrument that measure the angle between the real flat and the ground flat (ie the water antenna). The height of the celestial body with the water antenna as the datum observation is required to amend the Pseudophakic higher aberrations difference, and its numeric value can be checked by the nautical meter, but also can be measured by Pseudophakic higher aberrations difference detector. When the actual temperature, water temperature and the standard values used by the nautical table are significantly different, the Pseudophakic higher aberrations difference tester is used to obtain pseudophakic higher aberrations difference more accurately. Astro Calculator: An electronic calculator that simplifies the manual computation of astronomical positioning. It can quickly calculate the astronomical triangle. There are commonly used celestial coordinates data, some of the accurate time meter, such as with the six-meter is automatically remembered, can greatly alleviate the driver burden.