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Astronomic Positioning Instrument

In the absence of landmarks, the instruments used to observe the positioning of celestial bodies, including the sextant, the planet instrument, the star finder, the ophthalmoscope, and the astronomical calculator. Sextant, chronometer is one of the traditional positioning instrument, although now have a radio positioning equipment, but due to their simple structure and reliable in use and good concealment, is still one of the main navigation instrument.

1. Sextant: a hand-held optical instrument designed to observe the height of the celestial body. The ordinary sextant USES the water antenna as the observation base. There are sites using the bubble level provide flat bubble sextant and use simple gyroscope provides artificially flat gyro sextant, they couldn't antenna height can also be observed, but its precision is still can not meet the requirements of positioning accuracy on the voyage. In addition, using the enhancement of the device will be the night light gray water antenna lighten the LLL night vision sextant, objects can receive radiation radio waves and with artificial platform automatic radio sextant observation height, they are to be improved and perfected.

Chronometer: an exact chronometer that indicates the world. To observe the height of the celestial body, it is necessary to record the exact moment in order to find the celestial coordinates in the nautical almanac.

Planet instrument: celestial sphere model used to identify stars or to select suitable stars. Stars are often depicted on the planet, and can be temporarily marked on days, moons and planets.

4. Star card: a set of chart CARDS that are projected onto the plane at different latitudes, using the same planet instrument.

5. Ophthalmic height finder: an instrument for measuring the Angle between the true horizon and the horizon (i.e., the water antenna). The height of the celestial body must be corrected by using the water antenna as the benchmark, and the numerical value can be obtained by the navigation table. When the actual temperature and water temperature are different from the standard values used in nautical tables, it is more accurate to use the eye height difference meter to get the difference.

Astronomical calculator: an electronic calculator capable of simplifying the artificial calculation in astronomical positioning. It can solve the astronomical triangle very quickly. Some of the memory is commonly used for celestial coordinates data; In some cases, an accurate chronometer, such as the automatic recording with the sextant, can greatly reduce the driver's burden.