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What is the marine orientation of the magnetic compass

The marine magnetic compass is the instrument used to indicate the direction of the ship and the orientation of the object. It is usually used in conjunction with the azimuth disk, azimuth disc, also known as azimuth instrument, azimuth circle, is a direction finding tool, was round, engraved with the degree of azimuth. In this way, just look at the position of the magnetic needle in the position plate, you can determine the position to.

Marine magnetic compass It has a simple structure, does not depend on the power supply, easy to damage and low price, so it is still one of the indispensable navigational instruments.

Marine magnetic compass and driving compass and standard compass, where the standard compass is equipped with azimuth plate, used to observe the location, the sun and the object orientation. Magnetic compass is usually installed in the ship's first line, the baseline should be coincident with the ship's first line or parallel, compass Taiwan should be installed flat, around the compass should not place ferromagnetic objects, so as to ensure the accuracy of observation.

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