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What is magnetic difference, poor year, Their relationship

What is magnetic difference, poor year, Their relationship

Luo is divided into magnetic compass and electric compass,

  Gyrocompass does not involve the magnetic difference, so the power is poor by its own self;

  Magnetic compass of the magnetic north and the difference between the North is the magnetic compass of the compass,

Lo is poor by the magnetic difference and magnetic compass after the difference between,

Magnetic compass is caused by its own, requiring annual testing and correction and the formation of magnetic compass self-checklist;

Magnetic difference is caused by the Earth's magnetic field, each place at different times are different, usually measured every year after a certain change, this change is the annual difference, so the magnetic wave marked on the Luo will be accompanied by the measurement year and year difference.

  Romance difference = magnetic difference + self

Magnetic difference = original magnetic difference + year difference * years

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