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What is Azimuth Circle?

  In the boat, usually the first calibration standard deviation of magnetic compass, then heading alignment with standard magnetic compass to correct steering magnetic compass, which is time-consuming and laborious, is one of the most important defects sun azimuth correction of magnetic compass deviation, azimuth circle correction made steering magnetic compass, not only overcomes the defect of boats equipped with no standard magnetic compass, and can do it fast and convenient.

brief introduction

  To correct the deviation of magnetic compass are not subject to site constraints correction has been widely adopted by the position of the sun. But many small boats are usually only steering magnetic compass, the steering compass are installed in the cab, so can not directly used in the correction of deviation steering compass observed range azimuth landmark, solar azimuth is not observed, must be with the standard magnetic compass. Here to introduce a simple azimuth circle since the correction of magnetic compass deviation method using solar azimuth.