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Specific operation method of azimuth

Specific operation method

The first correction semicircular deviation correction, and quadrant. Semicircular deviation correction can be accessed from any main course (i.e., north, East, South, magnetic magnetic magnetic West), according to a clockwise or counterclockwise order by correction.

(1) a first magnetic heading east from the start, the range of the circle of 90 degrees in the indexing plate marking; ship Russell to 90 degrees, so steady, read the shadow in the sun azimuth bar azimuth circle outer indexing degree, and compared with the solar magnetic azimuth calculated for the number of travel. Then the following correction of compass course:

The azimuth of the sun's shadow is a few degrees, and the ship's side corrections a few degrees to the left.

The azimuth of the sun's shadow is a few degrees, and the ship's side is fixed to the right for a few degrees.

When the two are equal. The magnetic heading is equal to 90 degrees, steady, with longitudinal bar will be Russell to 90 degrees to the correction of magnetic deviation is 0 to the eastern.

(2) to the positive and negative magnetic heading west course deviation, azimuth circle 270 degrees in the mark with the same method, can make the ship sailing in magnetic heading west. When the magnetic heading is 270 degrees, =270 degrees deviation - Luo course, and then move the vertical bar, you can eliminate half of the course deviation, thus the magnetic heading difference of the semicircle things completely removed.

Magnetic heading south, north half circle deviation elimination and quadrant elimination principle similar to the above, here is not described.

(3) correction after the measured residual deviation of four basis points and four corner points on the course, such as Saul heading of 90 degrees when the deviation is equal to the calculated solar magnetic azimuth minus sun shadow range (azimuth azimuth circle circle 90 degrees in the mark)