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Ship Automatic Identification System

AIS is a new type of navigation system and equipment. The functions of AIS are mainly: Ship-to-ship model collision avoidance; As a coastal state, regulators, shipping companies to acquire ships and cargo information tools; As VTS tool, help ships to navigate effectively, improve environmental protection and improve the operation of VTS.

AIS is the integration of satellite positioning, compass meter, and so on through VHF radio data communication, the radar and electronic nautical charts can display navigation, navigation, information and communication data of the new type of navigation equipment and systems, is the core of AIS, "technology integration" a variety of navigational equipment intelligent Marine expert system. When AIS are implemented, all ships are equipped with radio transponders to make the ship "visible" to other ships equipped with radio transponder. "Visible" between ships refers to the continuous exchange of important navigational data (including current navigational status and dynamic information, such as the ship's identification code, type, location, heading, speed, navigational status and other security-related information) without human intervention. Compared with the existing radar, ARPA and other navigational aids equipment, it has the following advantages:

(1) The information of the target data provided by AIS is large;

(2) High accuracy and reliability, static information, navigation related information are known to the ship, dynamic information by the ship's GPS, compass, meter, automatic rudder and so on, so the data obtained by the accuracy and reliability are very high;

(3) AIS use the offshore mobile VHF band Exchange data, the cost of AIS equipment is relatively low;

(4) AIS can be used to improve the impact of collision avoidance, access to traffic conditions, and also to ship reports.

From the basic function and technical characteristics of AIS, it provides a new and effective means for ship navigation safety and navigation management. The use of AIS will help to strengthen the safety of life at sea, improve the safety and efficiency of navigation, and protect the marine environment.