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GPS positioning

The GPS (Global Positioning System) is called the Global positioning systems. It is a new generation of satellite navigation system with global continuous positioning and higher precision 3d positioning, which has been put into use in 1992. GPS consists of three parts: space part, ground monitoring part and user receiver. GPS is the satellite launching two kinds of pseudo random code to carry out the location of the measurement. These two pseudo-random codes are p-code and C/A code. P code is the precise measurement code, is specially for the United States military, extremely confidential, precision reaches 3m (2DMS). C/A code is coarse sounding code, is public, the prescribed precision is the plane position precision 100m (2DMS), the vertical height precision is 157m (2 dms). For civil users, the use of differential GPS technology can improve positioning accuracy to a few meters. At present, GPS has become the main navigation system, GPS receiver has been widely equipped with various types of ships, the differential GPS receiver has been in some ships equipped.