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Correction significance of marine magnetic compass

Marine magnetic compass is the use of the ability to attract and point to the earth's magnetic field magnetic instrument manufactured. It has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable performance, strong durability and convenient maintenance. So far, it is still a necessary basic navigation instrument for modern ships.

Due to the influence of ship magnetism, magnetic force direction but not pointing to the north, pointing to the magnetic and magnetic ship, namely Luo north direction, this error is called marine magnetic compass. Therefore, the ship driver must understand marine magnetic compass deviation generating reason, correction method and residual deviation measurement, to ensure the safety of navigation.

Marine magnetic compass needle, refers to the principle of magnetic sensitive element interaction by the magnetic field of the earth, and the magnetic compass navigation direction instrument. Because the marine magnetic compass has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable working performance and independent working conditions, it is still one of the necessary navigation instruments on board. In 1997, the international maritime organization adopted a resolution on the proposal for the installation of the magnetic compass of the ship. The SOLAS convention stipulates that all ships with 150 tonnes and above shall be installed:

1. A standard ship uses a magnetic compass or at least a suitable steering compass.

2. If the standard compass is a projecting or reflecting compass, the ship may be exempt from the rudder of the compass.

3. There should be a reliable contact method between the standard compass and the position of the rudder.

4, the marine magnetic compass should be correctly calibrated, and shall have readily available residual deviation table or deviation curve.