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Correction of azimuth and matters of attention

Correction equipment and pre editing work editors

(1) a self-made azimuth circle that can rotate around the center of the axis is made, with a diameter of about 15 to 20 centimeters. The dial of the azimuth circle is divided into two parts, which make the scale of the two level dial 0-360 degrees.

(2) self-made a base and its azimuth rod, placed on the azimuth, so that the center of azimuth and azimuth axis is merged with the azimuth plane perpendicular to the plane.

(3) fixing the center of the azimuth axis (the azimuth can still be rotated). In the direction of the front side of the azimuth, the edge of the gate is marked to make the axis of the axis coincide with or parallel to the ship's ship's ship line.

(4) according to the time and place of correction, the solar magnetic azimuth table is calculated in advance.

Attentions editor

(1) the installation position of the magnetic compass and the azimuth ring of the steering is accurate so as to avoid a fixed deviation.

(2) the ship's head and tail marking of the homemade azimuth must be in parallel with the ship and should be placed at the level.

(3) the azimuth rod should be placed at the center position of the azimuth and perpendicular to the azimuth.

(4) watch time to proofread the accurate calculation, the magnetic azimuth table must ensure the accuracy of the sun.