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2018 Singapore Asia Pacific international maritime exhibition.


I. overview of the exhibition.

The Asia Pacific maritime exhibition (APM 2018) is one of the important maritime exhibitions in Asia and the Pacific. It is sponsored by the exhibition expo group and is held every two years. As the asia-pacific region is the most important international maritime exhibitions, as well as the quality of purchaser and supplier of the international maritime trade and exchange comprehensive e-commerce platform, this exhibition will show exhibitors the most advanced products, not only will also assist enterprises to develop new international market and global business. In addition, the organizers made the area a roadshow, procurement delegation, invited buyers activation and the audience relationship management plan in order to attract buyers to the exhibition, and through multiple channels to regional and international marketing and communications industry to actively promote exhibitors brand.

In 2016, the exhibition is the largest ever, with an exhibition area of over 21,000 square meters, attracting more than 15,000 professional visitors to the exhibition. There are 1,521 exhibitors from more than 60 countries and regions, an increase of 30% over 2014. The number of exhibitors reached more than 8,000, a 25% increase from 2014. Among them, 17 countries and regions, including China, Norway, Germany, Japan, South Korea and Singapore, made their appearance in the exhibition. The total area of exhibition in China is over 1600 square meters. Weichai power stand area of 108 square meters, is called "expo big MAC". The company exhibited a variety of power large Marine diesel engines, Marine diesel generators are favored by the visitors, and more than 100 sets of engine orders, valued at more than 60 million yuan. Jiangsu nantong city government organized 15 enterprises to participate in the exhibition, the total exhibition area is nearly 200 square meters. Complete industry chain in the domestic shipbuilding industry group for the asia-pacific maritime, further accelerating shift private Chinese shipbuilding enterprises to promote the traditional repertoire in the overseas market pattern, through the combination of group participation, set up the Chinese shipbuilding industry brand image, for enterprises to expand overseas market has positive practical significance.

During the exhibition, I will launch the "China day" activity. Publish 60000 copies of promotional materials by direct mail; To promote the exchange and cooperation between exhibitors and the industry by holding special "exhibitors' night" activities; Arrangements for nantong exhibition and weichai power and other exhibitors and foreign ship industry association. In 2018, we will continue to organize Chinese enterprises to visit the Singapore port and maritime bureau (PSA), and continue to offer free lunch vouchers to facilitate the exchange of Chinese exhibitors and foreign businessmen.

Ii. Exhibition information.

Exhibition name: Singapore Asia Pacific international maritime exhibition.

Exhibition date: March 14-16, 2018.

Venue: Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Singapore.

3. Scope of exhibits.

Main display of shipbuilding and dock industry, all kinds of technology and parts, ship equipment, ship, engine and driven equipment, ship control equipment, cargo handling technology, Marine electronic equipment, offshore services technology and equipment; Ports, maritime and cargo handling systems and equipment, deck equipment, environmental equipment, shipping port security and service system, communication, electric power and electronic system, rescue equipment, cargo handling system and equipment, Marine equipment and electrical accessories; All kinds of ships and parts, construction and assembly, ship operation and port services.

Iv. Exhibition form.

Mainly in kind, supplemented by pictures, models, samples and images video, etc. We can rent the standard booth for exhibition, and we can rent the space according to the requirements of the enterprise and decorate the booth specially.

5. Conditions of participation.

Specialized trade companies with import and export rights and relevant industrial production enterprises will participate in the exhibition. They are strictly prohibited to carry fake and inferior products, infringe on other people's intellectual property rights and trademark rights.